Introduction to Modern Humanities


Over the course of many years I have amassed information on various individuals and groups. The quest was to find a recorded link between Sir Oswald and Lady Birley of Charleston Manor and the Bloomsbury Group that were based nearby at Charleston Farmhouse. This was the spark of interest that set me off on years of research although I did not realise the time it would require when I began.

It was my fortune to know a family retainer of Sir Oswald and Lady Birley, a Mr John Lambert, their Chauffeur, who recounted the past to me over many months. What surprised me was that I had never heard of the couple who had played a leading role in the arts of the time, from painting to opera they had been an integral part of its development in their day, but only their friends and neighbours seemed to be recorded for posterity and so the search to prove the connection commenced.

As I began to know more about my chosen subjects I realised just what a remarkable group they were, also that the groupings were much more complex and fluid than modern representation would suggest. The circle of who knew who is vast once you start to look beyond the work, look at who they were not what they did, and a whole new picture of the past begins to be revealed.

It is not my intention to judge those included on the site in any way. How they lived the work they did I will leave for others to judge, in my eyes they were all fascinating individuals who had strengths and weaknesses just the same as other mortals. What interests me is the interaction between them all, the family links that most books never even mention, sometimes this link with the gifted of the day runs over several generations in the same family but you have to put in many hours of reading and research before the link is exposed.

This site is not intended to generate income or charge in any way for the information included in it. As my struggle to understand the complicated friend and family structure of my chosen groups continued I realised that it may help others to share the little I have learnt over the years.

When this search began the Internet did not exist, and the search was a private quest so I cannot account for the source of all the data acquired over time, I have moved house on numerous occasions and have had access to a number of different libraries etc over the years making tracking the source of the data more of a task than the quest itself.

Modern life requires that I work full time in order to live, this has slowed down my research in recent years so I am grateful to anyone who may wish to contact me with any constructive comments or amendments.

I wish to record my thanks to a dear friend who has build this site for me and gives me encouragement and support to go on.